Welcome to Ulandi Wars
A Tactical Battle Card Game.

Ulandi Wars is a new exciting deck building game where players battle their rivals in the amazing sci-fi universe of Ulandi. Ulandi Wars is a unique battle card game where players can change the narrative of the game with our event card system.

Players can design their own battle decks or simply play one of the four faction decks that come in our core box set. The object of our core box set game is to destroy your opponent’s hero card, however it’s not that easy. Deploy more cards to protect your hero, arm them with mighty weapons and armour, trick your opponents with special upgrade event cards and become the master of the combat zone!  

Ulandi Wars is more than just fantastic game! it’s a complete universe of sci-fi awesomeness! Our goal is to not only create an exciting card game but to also make the Ulandi universe come alive! We plan to create some fantastic character background and lore, produce some amazing character artwork, write short stories based on our most popular characters, and even write a full length novel base in the Ulandi galaxy.

At first our game will only be available via our kick – starter campaign, but once launched you will be able to add to your core box set with faction deck expansion packs, new event card decks, limited edition hero cards, dice trays and custom dice!

Ulandi Wars a living card game…but in a unique way

What makes Ulandi Wars different to all the other battle card games on the market? Well, for starters it’s a sci-fi card game set in its own fantastic universe. There are short stories and brilliant character lore so fans can really feel part of the Ulandi universe. We are also writing a full-length novel which will include all the character cards in our core box set! Secondly Ulandi wars is expandable but in a unique way. Not only will we be expanding the game with additional weapon card boosters, living card boosters, and new faction decks but players can change the narrative of the game by changing the event card deck.

The Event card deck

In our core box set, players use the standard set of event cards. These cards allow players to play the standard game where the objective is to destroy your opponent’s hero card. However, change the event deck and you can change the narrative of the game. For example, our Deadly Missions expansion set (which will be available as a kick-starter higher pledge) changes the objective of the game. Players can still use their own designed battle decks, but the goal of the Deadly Missions expansion is for the first player earn 10 mission tokens. (Or destroy their opponents hero card, whichever comes first!).

There will be other event cards expansion sets which will allow players to play the game in several different ways. ‘Territory Control’ and ‘Control the Skies’ are just two more event card expansions that we have in the works.

‘My child…war is cruel, and in the end there are no winners, only heartbreak, but there is always hope. Once all this is over, the survivors can start again, dust themself off and rebuild. No matter how much devastation there is, there is always hope,’ Felix Grinrod Major of the 34th Alliance fleet.

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