Welcome to Ulandi Wars
The Battle Card Game.

Ulandi Wars is a new exciting expandable card game, where players battle their rivals in an attempt to destroy their opponents hero card! Our Core box set has everything you need to play, including 4 beautifully illustrated 40 card decks, event cards, tokens, dice and much more.

The object of the game is to destroy your opponents hero card, however it’s not that easy! Equip your hero by finding mighty weapons and armor in your wargear deck. Collect deployment tokens so you can deploy more troops to your Combat Zone to defend your hero. Roll dice and add the amount to your cards stat to destroy your opponents cards. Formulate your strategy and outwit your rivals to become the champion of the Combat Zone!

Ulandi Wars is more than just awesome game! it’s a complete universe of sci-fi awesomeness! Our goal is to not only create an exciting card game but to also make the Ulandi universe come alive! We are going to create some fantastic character background and lore, produce some amazing character artwork, write short stories based on our most popular characters, and even write a full length novel!

At first our game will only be available via our kick – starter campaign, but once launched you will be able to add to your core box set with faction deck expansion packs, new event card decks, limited edition hero cards and even custom dice!

Game play

Each player takes from the event card deck. Inside this deck there are three types of cards, Effect, Reward, or Upgrade. Effect cards normally have an effect on the game and may either help your tactic or make you change your strategy. Reward cards give you a bonus like extra deployment tokens and Upgrade cards boost your character cards by giving them extra strength or an attack bonus.

Players then take it in turn to draw a card from their decks, then depending on how many deployment tokens they have earned, they can deploy cards into the Combat zone. 

Players can then either attack their opponent or build up a defense to protect their hero. Attacking is done by rolling a D6 and adding the total to the cards attack. The defending player also rolls a D6 but adds the total to their cards defense. The card’s strength shows you how much damage the card does. Once a card wounds are deduced to zero, then that card is destroyed and moved to the discard pile. 

The winning player is the first player to destroy their rivals hero card!

‘My child…war is cruel, and in the end there are no winners, only heartbreak, but there is always hope. Once all this is over, the survivors can start again, dust themself off and rebuild. No matter how much devastation there is, there is always hope,’ Felix Grinrod Major of the 34th Alliance fleet.

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