The Art of Ulandi

The Corex

Demolition Corex using an earthshaker to destroy an enemy bunker
A Rexason temple, one of hundreds located on Rexcore the home world of the Corex.
Goreblood, Corex warlord and clan leader of the savage sons.
A Corex warrior leaps into battle!
The Corex can never be under estimated, from the outside they seem nothing more than feral beasts, but dig deeper and you will find they are highly intelligent and cunning warriors.

Grand Alliance

Felix Grinrod, Commander of the Grand Alliance 34th army.
A lone sentinel shield droid patrols the marshland of Kkrag.
A Stellascope fighter darts across the void, hunting the enemy of the Grand Alliance.
Grand Alliance scientist study in their laboratory
Vanguard, always on the front line
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