The Art of Ulandi

The Corex

Demolition Corex using an earthshaker to destroy an enemy bunker
A Rexason temple, one of hundreds located on Rexcore the home world of the Corex.
Goreblood, Corex warlord and clan leader of the savage sons.
Narrex, a deadly Corex warrior.
The Corex can never be under estimated, from the outside they seem nothing more than feral beasts, but dig deeper and you will find they are highly intelligent and cunning warriors.

From the deadly nebula fields to the east, to the asteroid belts of Ingness to the west. From tip to tip the Ulandi galaxy stretches for five million light years, it’s a massive, monstrous galaxy, spinning silently in the cold void of an uncaring universe. It circles around a blackhole so large that it has become a quasar. Astronomers from around the galaxy have nicknamed it ‘The Star Child’ and it stretches for ten light years, with a mass billions the times that of any sun. 

A thousand worlds lie within the Ulandi galaxy, hostile worlds where nothing can live, gas giants, colossus ice worlds and planets so cold that they would even freeze a Winterbane. There are worlds whose atmospheres are so dense that they crush and compact the planet’s surface, turning them into solid crystal. Red hot volcanic planets of lava, where the mountains melt into boiling hot oceans below and the sky rains down fire and ash. There are even some worlds that defy physics itself, backwards gravity worlds, burning ice and fire glaciers, even planets where the temperatures are hotter than the sun they orbit, but there is also life, and lots of it. 

Hundreds of species compete for survival and fight for what little resources are available. Some species have prospered, some have not. Some have flourished and become so advanced that the planets they live on are now fully automated. There are worlds with high social standing and unbelievable technologies. Royal worlds, empire worlds, colonies of high status. The upper-classes enjoy even greater luxurys, living on forest spa moons, gambling worlds, pleasure planets and worlds consisting of nothing but castles, chateaus, monasteries and palaces. Some worlds are vast cities, with orbiting star stations and crystalline tall towers reaching deep into the celestial sphere. Other planets have made their wealth in other ways, rich mining planets, fracking worlds, floating citadel ion collectors and industrial planets where the entire world is a planet-sized factory. 

A thousand worlds lie within the Ulandi galaxy but not all are rich in culture and not all are that civil. Yagvars are a race which resides inside the asteroid belts of Mauu, they terrorise everything in the sector, devouring anything that dares entre their domin. The Inzuns from Trivar are a virile race of carnivores that would even eat their own mother if they believed it to benefit their goals. The Thatcherling of Narcan are a cruel and devilish race with nothing but greed and bloodshed in their hearts, and the Corex, a savage race of monstrous warmongering creatures that brutalise the weaker races in the galaxy. 

A thousand worlds lie within the Ulandi galaxy each unique, each individual, all troubled…

Grand Alliance

Felix Grinrod, Commander of the Grand Alliance 34th army.
A lone sentinel shield droid patrols the marshland of Kkrag.
A Stellascope fighter darts across the void, hunting the enemy of the Grand Alliance.
Grand Alliance scientist study in their laboratory
Vanguard, always on the front line

Hacker Sect

Hacker Elder, a Corx clan religoius leader and gate keeper of the Rexason
Rexes worshipper the old ways and keep Corex tradtion alive
Balrog worshipers , study the forbidden art
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