What will the kick-starter include?

Our kick – starter core boxset will now include 200 playing cards!

There will be four main battle card decks

1 x Grand Alliance 34th Fleet faction deck
1 x Tenbore Institute faction deck
1 x Savage sons, Corex faction deck
1 x Hacker Sect, Corex faction deck

Each 40 card deck will be beautifully illusrated with amazing artwork from our resident artist Jo Masson. The boxset will also include

1 x Event card deck
6 x Dice
4 x Wound trackers
1 x Full colour rule book

Thats 200 cards!

There will also be a bonus expansion event card set called ‘Missions’ which high pledgers can get. This expansion will include a 50 x card event card deck, tokens and a rule book.

Will there be stretch goals?

Yes! We are planning on making sevreal stretch goals to go with our kick-starter. Imited edition cards that can only be got through our campaign.

When can I get my copy of Ulandi Wars?

We are hoping to launch the game on kick – starter next year (2022). If everything goes to plan we are going to launch around Easter (April). This means the game should be ready to ship to customer Autumn 2022.

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