What will the kick-starter include?

Our kick – starter core box set will now include 200 playing cards!

There will be four faction decks included –

Grand Alliance 34th Fleet faction deck
Tenbore Institute faction deck
Savage sons, Corex faction deck
Hacker Sect, Corex faction deck

Each 45 card faction deck will be beautifully illusrated with amazing artwork from our resident artist Jo Masson. The box set will also include

1 x Event card deck
A complete deck of 50 cards, which will include Effect, Reward and Upgrade cards.

6 x Dice
4 x Wound trackers
1 x Full colour rule book
2 x Tokens sheets

Thats 200 cards!

There will also be a expansion event card set called ‘Missions’ which higher pledgers can purchase. This expansion will include –

50 x card event card deck,
Rules book
limited edition Ulandi poster

Event cards make Ulandi Wars a unique battle card game, by changing the event card deck, players can change the narrative of the game!

Will there be stretch goals?

Yes! We are planning on making several stretch goals to go with our kick-starter. There will be kick-starter only edition cards, limited edition hero cards and core box set upgrades available once our campaign has started.

When can I get my copy of Ulandi Wars?

We are hoping to launch the game on kick – starter this year (2022). If everything goes to plan we are going to launch around October, this means that the game should be ready to ship to customer early 2023.

Anything else?

Yes, once our campaign has been successful we are planning on adding a lot of new expansion to build on our core box set. There will be additional event card decks, weapon booster packs, battle card booster packs, custom faction dice and new faction decks. There will also be a complete Ulandi Wars novel, a collection of short stories and if you are really lucky there may even be a graphic novel!

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