Autumn Update

Autumn is finally here (or fall for Ulandi wars fans on the other side of the Atlantic) Despite the global pandemic we have been busy here at Ulandi Wars HQ. We now have 12 beautifully illustrated finished pieces of artwork done by our resident artist Jo Masson. During Autumn we are going to be adding the artwork to our card frames, we are planning to have our first 12 cards ready by the end of the year. We will then post the completed cards in our forum and Facebook pages for everyone to view and add their comments. Their will be several designs for the cards and once finished we will be asking for folks to vote for their favorite design. We will be posting all 12 items of artwork up in our forum, so make sure you sign up so you can view them, click on the forum tab to sign up.

Corex, Zenakar Hover tank
Gore Blood, The Corex Hero Card
This daunting looking building is called ‘A Rexason’ they can be found all over the Corex home world of Rexicore. This artwork will be on the Rexason’ card which will be included in the Corex Battle Deck.

We are soon going to add some short stories to our forum, when we started designing the game we also wanted to design and create a multiverse full of great art and stories so players could really emerge themselves in the game and in the Ulandi universe. Two short stories will be added one based of the Corex race and the other based on the Grand Alliance. We will be adding more stories over time with the ultimate goal being a complete Ulandi War novel and maybe even a graphic novel!

As most people know we are at the very start of the process in designing and publishing the game, and we would like to thank everyone who has taken their time to visit our website, read our update pages and liked our Facebook page. Please keep checking our social media for all updates.

September Update

We have an exciting card art update for you all, our resident artist Jo Masson is in the final stages of finishing the first 12 character art work for our playing cards, during the month of September we will be showcasing all 12 pieces. We are really excited to show them off, the artwork that Jo has been doing is nothing short of breathtaking, and they will make the Ulandi wars gaming cards look incredible! 

The main rule book is now complete, the next stage will be to send it to an editor for everything to be checked, We will then continue with our play testing and making sure that all the rules fit and the gameplay is smooth. Once that is completed it will be onto the illustration stage. The rulebook is going to look absolutely fantastic! Not only will it be printed in full colour but it will also be fully illustrated. It will come in a A5 format in the core box set, but will also be available to download from the our website. It will also be available in Spanish. (we may add other versions at a later date) 

Speaking of gaming rules, once we have our prototype game made we are going to create a series of how to play videos, these will be detailed videos of how to play the game, we will also include in this series full gameplay and tactic videos, so make sure you subscribe to our youtube channel.(coming soon)   

June 2020 Update

Despite the world pandemic, we have been very busy here at Ulandi wars HQ. Ben and Jo have been working hard on card frame work, card background art and event card design. John has been adding the final touches to the rules and has been test playing the game with his 9 year old daughter. (Who incidentally loves playing the game!)

We have added a forum to our website in hope to build up an online community. We will post in the forum updates on the game design process, and when our kick-starter campaign will be launched. It will also be a great place for players to chat, show off their deck designs and even organised play. We will add a FAQ on the forum and will be at hand to answer any question and rules query that player may have. Once the forum is active be sure to sign up or you’ll miss out!

Later this month we will post up new art work from both Jo and Ben so make sure you keep up to date by following us on our social media pages.