We have an exciting annocment to make! Our core boxset has just got bigger!

Instead of 2 x battle decks, our core box set will now include…Drum roll please!… FOUR BATTLE DECKS!

This means our kick-Starter pledge will be even better value, with a larger more action packed core boxset. Instead of the original plan of two battle card decks, we have decided to change it to include four battle card decks! Not only does this give players a greater choice of decks when playing, but it also means that now the core boxset can be played with up to 4 players (as well as team games).

Our kick – starter core boxset will now include 200 playing cards!

There will be four main battle card decks

1 x Grand Alliance 34th Fleet faction deck
1 x Tenbore Institute faction deck
1 x Savage sons, Corex faction deck
1 x Hacker Sect, Corex faction deck

Each 40 card deck will be beautifully illusrated with amazing artwork from our resident artist Jo Masson. The boxset will also include

1 x Event card deck
6 x Dice
4 x Wound trackers
1 x Full colour rule book

Thats 200 cards!

If you click the mulitverse link on the Ulandi wars website, you will find a faction history for the four battle decks which will be included. The blog tells the story of how the Grand Alliance was formed and what makes the Corex tick. It also has a few helpful hints about how to play each deck, its well worth a read for any future general.

When can I get my copy of Ulandi wars?

This is a question we have been asked a few times over the last few months, we are hoping to launch the game on kick – starter next year (2022). If everything goes to plan we are going to launch around Easter (April). This means the game should be ready to ship to customer Autumn 2022.

Autumn update…

Or fall for our American friends. Firstly an apology for the lack of social media posts and news articles on the website. I would like to tell you that this is because of some amazing and spectacular things that have happened to me over the last few months. Sadly the truth is nowhere near as exciting. Unfortunately real life has got in the way of me working on the project. As any married person will tell you, ‘Time is limited and you have to organise that time to perfection or nothing gets done!’ My time is no exception to this rule. Working full time, and being a father of two girls means I am stretched at best. Add to this school holidays, family holidays, work, other hobbies and various other challenges that life can throw at you now means that I am a little behind on where I wanted to be on the project. 

That being said I never gave myself a deadline, only a wish list of where I would like to be at this stage. However this delay may be a blessing in disguise as I found out when we visited the UK board gaming expo. I had already worked out a budget for Ulandi Wars and things were all starting to come together nicely, unfortunately I had not taken into account the 500% increase in shipping costs from China. This increase is something that has been felt all across the industry and has massively affected many kick-starter campaigns. Luckily we are not at that stage yet so have been spared the huge heartache of going back to pledgers and asking them for extra money to cover unexpected shipping costs. 

As already mentioned we are behind on the design process of the game, we were hoping to launch by the end of 2021 but I think with the situation in China and the design delay (which I can only blame myself for) now means it will be sometime in 2022 when we are ready to start our kick-started campaign. Hopefully this delay may benefit the game as the shipping cost may have dropped by next year. 

All change?

If you have been following our blog posts and reading our social media posts, you may be thinking ‘Why has game design slowed? I thought the game was ready?’ Well the answer to that question is another simple one. Yes the game was ready, however we were not 100% happy with the gaming mechanics, only 99% and that in our world simply was not good enough. We want it to be 100% perfect so we went back to the drawing board and redesigned the game play making it even better and more fun than it was before! 

We have tweaked a few things, changed some cards, changed the way weapons cards work, changed the event cards and added even more cards to the game! All these changes means that the game is now slicker, smoother and bigger than it was before. It also means that we are going to have to change the contents of the core box set. Instead of it only containing two decks it will now…drum roll please content four! This is very exciting because not only does it mean you can now play with four players straight from the box set, but it also gives players much more choice and value. We will be revealing more in our next blog post, so make sure you stay tuned…Talking of staying tuned..

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And finally…

Jo Masson our resident artist, has just finished another set of amazing artwork which we will be unveiling over the next few weeks. Make sure you stay tuned to our socials so you don’t miss out.

Spring 2021 update

We can now announce that we are on track to launch Ulandi wars on kickstarter towards the end of 2021. At the moment we are just finishing the rules and getting them ready to go to art. The rule book will be beautifully illustrated and will follow the theme of the main Ulaindi wars playing cards. Like always we are going to try our best to make Ulandi wars the best expandable card game we can, and the rule book will be no expansion to our ethos. It will take some time to get it perfect, but the wait will be worth it. The rule book will be around 25 pages, easy to read and understand and will be printed in full colour with illustration throughout. We will also be adding a ‘how to play’ video to our YouTube channel, there will be a QR code printed on the front page of the rule book. If you’re the type of player who would rather watch a video, it will only be one scan away! We hoping that the rule book will be completed towards the end of the summer. 

Event cards

We have now finished the event cards frames and completed the artwork. In a similar process to our main playing cards, we are now getting prototype sets made up so we can do more play testing with ‘real’ cards. Hopefully the event card will arrive in the next four weeks. Once they have arrived we will then look into making our ‘how to play video’ and launching our YouTube channel. 


If you miss the news about our new short story ‘The Casidan’ then here is a quick reminder. Go to the Ulandi Wars website and click the ‘Multiverse’ link. There, you will find a new short story set in the Ulandi universe. Also on this page you will find a link to the first chapter of our novel ‘Nordel.’ Trust us when we say they are both worth a read! 

Talking of Nordel, John has just finished chapter 6 of the book. Nordel is going to be what we hope will be a three part novel set in the Ulandi galaxy. John started writing the book in December 2020 and so far has already written 28,000 words! We are hugely excited about this project and can’t wait for it to be finished. Make sure you check out chapter 1 on the website.

Character Artwork

As always our resident artist Jo Masson has been creating more stunning artwork for the main battle cards. We have already published the new Stellascope fighter card and the Vanguard Alpha squad artwork on our facebook page. Make sure you stay connected with all our updates by following Ulandi was on our social media pages.

February update

We’ve really hit the ground running this year, it’s only February and we have already moved another step closer to making the dream a reality.

Yesterday we ordered a complete set of prototype Corex playing cards! These will be arriving from the manufacturer in the USA in about 4 weeks. We’re super excited about getting our hands on a set of prototype cards. Not only will they allow us to inspect the quality of the finished product but they will also help us with play testing and promotions for the game. The estimated arrival date will be 3rd March, and we cannot wait! 

Not only have we ordered the prototype cards this month (and it’s only the 5th February!) We have also added another page to our website. The page is called the ‘multiverse’ and it is a section of the website where fans can read all about character background and lore. Read short stories based in the Ulandi galaxy and even view art created by our resident artist Jo Masson. We have only just created this page but there are already two short stories to read and some awesome art to view. Make sure you check it out!

Evolution of a playing card

Using the word ‘evolution’ feels a bit strong considering Ulandi Wars is only 12 months old! But to us it does feel like a huge step to forward. When I first came up with the concept for the game, I was unsure on how far it would go. I already had a busy life with a full time job, wife, two kids and various other hobbies that take up most of my time. In my heart I wanted to design and create the Ulandi universe but I felt that I would never have time to do it and it would always be a dream.

Fast forward 12 months and we now have fully completed playing cards! card art, a website and social media accounts! The dream is slowly starting to become real!

I called this blog post evolution of the playing cards because on Monday the 18th January 2021 we revealed to the world the finished designed. It feels a huge step from were we started.

Hand draw concept of how we wanted the card to look.
Test card made with Microsoft Excel and glued to the back of a normal playing card.
First attempt of making a digital card.
Second design
And finally the fiinished card design.

As you can see the card really did evolve from its early design. Our next job is to start designing the Event cards, watch this space…..

2020 End of year update

Welcome to our 2020 year end review, if you have been following Ulandi wars since the very start, you will know that we are only at the start of our journey. Unlike other games that are launched on kick starter we have started our campaign a little differently. Most games only create websites and social media pages once they have actually started their kick starter campaign. We however wanted to get ahead of the pack by creating web content before we have even launched the game! We wanted to do this so fans could follow the complete design process from start to finish. We wanted to include the fans by getting their opinions on our designs and asking them which designs they preferred. We did this with our main playing card design, we had two different card designs one used words, the other symbols. After a Facebook and website poll it was decided that the symbol card was the preferred option. 

As everyone knows 2020 has been a trying year but we have still made good progress. We launched our website at the start of the year and began to add content and posts in February, this helped build up our fan base. In Easter we commissioned our residence artist Jo Masson. Jo started producing our character artwork and by summer we had our first finished characters which we showcased at Also during the summer, Ben Halifax our resident graphic designer was working on the main playing card frame work which should be fully finished and ready to showcase in January 2021. During the height of the pandemic John was finalizing the rules and play testing the game. The Covid 19 restrictions mady play testing almost impossible but with help from an online zoom meeting he managed to complete the task.John has also started on a Ulandi Wars novel. Nordel tells the story of an epic battle between the Grand Alliance and the Corex (The 2 factions included in our corebox set). The novel will be huge, and we can’t wait to let the fans read it. 

We are now officially at the end our first year and we are happy with the progress made so far. At the time of going to press we have 12 fully completed character artworks. A set of tried and tested game rules. Completed card frames, a fully engaged social media network (It may only have 210 followers, but from small acorns…) a website, Oh and the first five chapters of a novel! 

Moving forward 2021 will be an exciting year, by the end of January we hope to have the main playing cards finished, Easter will be our deadline for finishing the Event cards. The next stage will then be to design the rule book and corebox layout. By the end of the year we may be ready to launch our kick starter ready for 2022 (may sooner if all goes to plan) We realise this may seem a long way off but creating a complete universe is a long process! Make sure you sign up to our forum, like and subscribe to all our social media platforms and follow us on the website, that way you can tell your friends that you were there from the very beginning!

Here is everyone having a great 2021 – Ulandi wars team.

Autumn Update

Autumn is finally here (or fall for Ulandi wars fans on the other side of the Atlantic) Despite the global pandemic we have been busy here at Ulandi Wars HQ. We now have 12 beautifully illustrated finished pieces of artwork done by our resident artist Jo Masson. During Autumn we are going to be adding the artwork to our card frames, we are planning to have our first 12 cards ready by the end of the year. We will then post the completed cards in our forum and Facebook pages for everyone to view and add their comments. Their will be several designs for the cards and once finished we will be asking for folks to vote for their favorite design. We will be posting all 12 items of artwork up in our forum, so make sure you sign up so you can view them, click on the forum tab to sign up.

Corex, Zenakar Hover tank
Gore Blood, The Corex Hero Card
This daunting looking building is called ‘A Rexason’ they can be found all over the Corex home world of Rexicore. This artwork will be on the Rexason’ card which will be included in the Corex Battle Deck.

We are soon going to add some short stories to our forum, when we started designing the game we also wanted to design and create a multiverse full of great art and stories so players could really emerge themselves in the game and in the Ulandi universe. Two short stories will be added one based of the Corex race and the other based on the Grand Alliance. We will be adding more stories over time with the ultimate goal being a complete Ulandi War novel and maybe even a graphic novel!

As most people know we are at the very start of the process in designing and publishing the game, and we would like to thank everyone who has taken their time to visit our website, read our update pages and liked our Facebook page. Please keep checking our social media for all updates.

September Update

We have an exciting card art update for you all, our resident artist Jo Masson is in the final stages of finishing the first 12 character art work for our playing cards, during the month of September we will be showcasing all 12 pieces. We are really excited to show them off, the artwork that Jo has been doing is nothing short of breathtaking, and they will make the Ulandi wars gaming cards look incredible! 

The main rule book is now complete, the next stage will be to send it to an editor for everything to be checked, We will then continue with our play testing and making sure that all the rules fit and the gameplay is smooth. Once that is completed it will be onto the illustration stage. The rulebook is going to look absolutely fantastic! Not only will it be printed in full colour but it will also be fully illustrated. It will come in a A5 format in the core box set, but will also be available to download from the our website. It will also be available in Spanish. (we may add other versions at a later date) 

Speaking of gaming rules, once we have our prototype game made we are going to create a series of how to play videos, these will be detailed videos of how to play the game, we will also include in this series full gameplay and tactic videos, so make sure you subscribe to our youtube channel.(coming soon)   

June 2020 Update

Despite the world pandemic, we have been very busy here at Ulandi wars HQ. Ben and Jo have been working hard on card frame work, card background art and event card design. John has been adding the final touches to the rules and has been test playing the game with his 9 year old daughter. (Who incidentally loves playing the game!)

We have added a forum to our website in hope to build up an online community. We will post in the forum updates on the game design process, and when our kick-starter campaign will be launched. It will also be a great place for players to chat, show off their deck designs and even organised play. We will add a FAQ on the forum and will be at hand to answer any question and rules query that player may have. Once the forum is active be sure to sign up or you’ll miss out!

Later this month we will post up new art work from both Jo and Ben so make sure you keep up to date by following us on our social media pages.