Faction Lore

In our core box set you will find four different decks, two are from the Grand Alliance faction, and two are from the Corex faction. The first faction we are going to look at is the Grand Alliance, let’s dive in and find out more about their history. 


Near the western belt of the Ulandi galaxy sits a cluster of worlds, an alliance of beings, living, working, and trading together in harmony. Fleets of star ships travel from world to world trading technologies, knowledge and goods, a union of life. The alliance was forged by the seven barons of Ulandis’ richest worlds. Kkrag, Trinyadd, Waktar, Natel, Morattian, Ashrin and Trivian. Hera Trivian, head of the Trivian family, founded the alliance in an attempt to bring peace to the region. 

Before the Alliance was created the sector was ravaged by war. The more savage races looked upon western zone with envious eyes, seeing vast resources, materials, and power ready for the taking. Soon they raged war, attacking the rich planets, and taking over the land from their indolent owners. World after world fell as the more aggressive tribes pushed through the unguarded sector which had grown complacent from years of over decadence. 

Trivian was the only world that had not dissolved its military and began the counterattack. At first their forces managed to push back the aggressors, retaking one of Ashrins moons, but they soon found themselves outnumbered and outgunned. Hera Trivian realised that they could not win this war on their own and gathered the seven barons for an emergency council meeting. It was agreed that the region would pool together its resources under the leadership of House Trivian and create a grand alliance, the likes of which had never been seen before. 

Once united, each world began to strengthen its military, building fighter crafts, tanks and droids to repeal the occupiers. Under the counsel of Hera and House Trivian the Grand Alliance began it’s great crusade to retake what was once theirs and bring peace and harmony back to the once prosperous western belt.

The 34th Grand Alliance fleet led by Felix Grinrod.

The 34th Grand Alliance Fleet

The 34th Grand Alliance fleet is the first of our two Grand Alliance decks that are included in the core box set. Led by the fearless Major Felix Grinrod, the 34th fleet is one of the oldest surviving army fleets in the Alliance, surviving such legendary battles as the War for Drixs and the Battle of Brokenbones. At its head, The Laney, Felix’s own grand battle cruiser. At 3000 meters long, The Laney is a formidable class seven battle craft that leads the 36 strong fleet of star ships across the Ulandi galaxy defending and protecting the citizens of the Grand Alliance. 

This faction deck is all about military might. It contains some great attacking cards as well as some strong defending cards. The deck is a great all-rounder that can handle any situation. Stellascope fighter card can destroy opponents’ infrastructure cards, the X4 plasma storm tank is one of the most advanced war tanks in the galaxy and can be deployed quickly with no just deployed tokens. Troop cards such as Rookie Alpha team, Beta squad and Casidan trooper backup your strong attacking front line and cards such as War damage bunker can bolster your hero’s defence. The 34th deck is great for any player, whether they are an aggressive attacking player or a more thoughtful defending player.

The Tenbore Institute

 The Tenbore institute is one of the largest known universities in the galaxy. Located at the bay on the Grand Alliance world of Kkrag it is a city within itself. Every scientist, engineer, and inventor dreams of being accepted by Tenbore. The institute is where most Grand Alliance citizens learn their craft. Almost every innovation, tank, war machine, starfighter and weapon are conceived by the brilliant minds from the Tenbore institute. Alliance members will travel across the galaxy in hope to work within Tenbore’s walls. 

The Tenbore Institute


Jargo Stapler is a young graduate from the institution who is responsible for some of the greatest war machine used by Major Felix and his 34th fleet. In the battle for Kkrag bay Felix told her ‘That if it wasn’t for her X4 storm tank the war may have ended quite differently,’ 

The Tenbore institute is our second Grand Alliance faction deck, but where the 34th deck is all about military might, this deck is all about control. Cards such as the Nightwatch guild and Governess Vidia allow you to return opponent’s cards from the combat zone to their hand. Tenbore protectors allow you to return cards on deployment and the Defence droid has the action to place just deployed tokens on cards already in the combat zone. This deck will soon make your opponent think that brains are more powerful than brawn after all. 

Engineers study at the Tenbore institute


The Corex are the second faction in our core box set, and just like the Grand Alliance there are two Corex decks in the core box set. First are the Savage sons, Gorebloods war tribe. The second is the Hacker Sect, a more traditional Corex clan which follows the more orthodox ways of Corex life. You can read much more about the Corex in chapter one of our Ulandi Wars novel, Nordel which can be read on our website and member forum.

The Corex are a race of savage beings and unmistakable warriors. Their appearance resembles that of untamed beasts. They have loathsome features with a beastly face, and mouths full of shape teeth hidden inside a canine snout that protruded out. Long extended strong limbs with rough fur and strength that could rip apart a Thatchling battle tank! From their appearance the Corex seem nothing more than mindless monsters, the creatures from most people’s nightmares, but appearances can be deceiving. 

Behind the fury of their eyes is an ancient, proud and intelligent race. A race that created its society and formed its traditions before most other beings in the Ulandi galaxy had crawled out of the primordial filth. The Corex have a vast life span, ten times that of a normal man. Their extensive life allowed them to learn and pass down their forbidden technologies, ancients sciences, and sacrificial rituals to the next generation in a custom known as the Hacker. 

Corex clans are separated into fierce war tribes, each led by a bloodthirsty leader. The clans are like army divisions, with each clan member having their own role within the clan. Instructed by the higher ancients, each clan is set a task to complete before they can fully become a war tribe. This task would usually include conquering a rival world and claiming it for the Corex race.

The Savage Sons

The savage sons are our first Corex faction deck. They are a Corex war tribe led by the barbarous Goreblood. This accent tribe was first founded by Tygon the vanquisher, it was he who raged a savage war across the eastern regions of the Ulandi Galaxy. The Savage sons live on the planet of Rexcore, it was the first world conquered by Tygon the vanquisher and named after his first son. 

Rexcore is a world of two halves. North of its equator stands the planet’s only continent, a red rocky mountainous world, with high red topped volcanic mountains that sweep down into deep rocky valleys. Ancient lava rivers carve their way through a primordial landscape giving off toxic fumes as they slowly weave their way to the sea. To the south lies vast oceans with scattered islands anchored within the red-hot seas where the lava rivers from the north meet in a crescendo of fire and steam. 

To live on a planet like Rexcore you had to be resilient. In the volcanic areas to the north, it was a cauldron of extremes. The temperature is unbearably hot, the air thick with sulphurous gases. Hot ash would rain down from the summits, covering the ground in deadly steaming cinders. The south was no better, the sea would boil where lava flow met the ocean.

The axis tilt that Rexcore had inherited meant the southern area received little light from its sun. Thousands of iced capped isolated islands were scattered in the polar regions, trapped between the hot seas of the north and frozen ice lakes of the south. The planet demeanour suited that of the Savage sons. An unforgiving world for an unforgiving clan.   

Rexcore home of the Savage Sons

The Savage sons deck is all about attacking, in this deck you will find some of the most monstrous creatures in the game. Cards such as Rockhorn, Demolition Corex and Rock Seeker have unrivalled attacking power and high strength. Tanvil can be one of the best attacking cards in the game, and if you’re skilful enough to deploy Narrex the Hated then your opponent is in real trouble! Not only can Narrex do direct damage to your opponent’s hero card but he has the highest attack stat in the game!

Hacker Sect

The Corex are not all about war, they also uphold their traditions and ancient way of life in a clan dedicated to their mythology. The Hacker Sect deck represents the more cultured side of the Corex race. The Hacker Elder has high standing in the tribe, it is she who is responsible for ensuring the sacrificial ceremony and handing down rituals are carried out correctly. She is only accountable to the clan leader and the higher ancients.  

Hacker Elder

On every Corex world there are buildings known as Rexasons’, these temples are one of the most sacred buildings in their society, and are held in high regard. Inside the Hacker Elder carries out the orders from her clan leader or the higher ancients. It is also a place where the war council meet when the Corex are ready for battle.

The Hacker Sect deck is full of fast deploying cards, these smaller members of Corex society are quicker to deploy then their more bloodthirsty cousins. Small creatures such as Groggs and Grimmes are cheap to deploy but can be as deadly in the combat zone as some larger cards. Rexes are a small cheap attacking unit that can also be deployed quickly, but they also have a trick up their sleeve. If you also deploy The Hacker Shrine into your combat zone, it boosts your Rexes attack skill, then each time you deploy more Rexes cards to your combat zone, then each card get a boost to their attack and strength skill. All of a sudden, these small attacking cards can suddenly become deadly attackers!

This deck is a quick to deploy and quick to attack deck. Ideal for any player who likes the smaller stuff and wants to destroy their opponent as quick as a Nexfar can eat it’s dinner! 

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