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Prologue from our first novel NORDEL

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Our first novel in the Ulandi wars series will be called Nordel. It tells the story of an epic battle between the Grand Alliance and the Corex on the planet of Nordel. We always wanted to create an amazing world so our players can really get a feel for the universe in which the game is based. In the corebox set we will include the first part of the novel, as a taster here is the prologue.   


From the deadly nebula fields to the east, to the asteroid belts of Ingness to the west. From tip to tip the Ulandi galaxy stretches for one million light years, it’s a massive, monstrous galaxy, spinning silently in the cold void of an uncaring universe. It circles around a blackhole so large that it has become a quasar. Astronomers from around the universe nicknamed it ‘The Star Child’ and it stretches for almost five light years across, with a mass, billions the times that of any sun. 

A thousand worlds lie within the Ulandi galaxy, hostile worlds where nothing can live, gas giants, ice giants and planets so cold that it would even freeze a Winterbane. There are worlds made up entirely of crystal and diamonds, red hot planets of magma, some worlds with boiling hot oceans, desert planets, and planets where it rains lava, even some that defy physics itself, but there is also life, lots of it. 

Hundreds of species compete for survival and fight for what little resources are available. Some species have prospered, some have not. Some have flourished and become so advanced that the planets they live on are now fully automated. There are worlds with high social standing and unbelievable technology. Royal worlds, empire worlds, colonies of high status. The upper- classes enjoy even greater luxurys, living on forest spa planets, gambling worlds, pleasure planets and worlds consisting of nothing but castles, chateaus, monasteries and palaces. Some worlds are vast cities, with orbiting star stations and crystalline tall towers reaching deep into celestial sphere. Other planets have made their wealth in other ways, rich mining planets, fracking worlds, floating citadel ion collectors and industrial planets where the entire world is a planet size factory. 

A thousand worlds lie within the Ulandi galaxy but not all are rich in culture and not all are that civil. A race which lives in the asteroid belts of Mauu, they roam and terrorist everything in the sector devouring anything that gets in their way. The wolf guard of Gorge are a virile race of carnivores, the Thatcherling of Narcan are a cruel and devilish race with nothing but bloodshed in their hearts. The Domacans from Venula, are a race of tech creatures that have the ability to regenerate themselves, they wage war on any organic race they encounter. And the Corex of Rexcore, a race of warmongering creatures that brutalise the weaker races in the galaxy. 

A thousand worlds lie within the Ulandi galaxy each unique, each individual, all troubled...

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