“There are many fascinating beast in the Ulandi galaxy, one could spend a life time studying them and still only scratch the surface, I spent most of my life documenting the lifeforms on Yeti-8 only to have my right leg bitten off by a gobsmackler!” – Professor Yarn

The Ulandi universe is full of amazing landscapes, monsters, beasts and all manner of amazing creatures. It all comes together in the form of our amazing team. Here we take a look at the humans responsable for bringing the Ulandi galaxy to life.

Meet the team

Jo Masson – Fantasy Artist

Jo Masson is our resident artist, He lives in Canada and is a freelance fantasy artist. Jo has been working on our character artwork, and with his amazing imagination he is helping to bring the Ulandi galaxy to life. The character art below are just some of Jo amazing designs. They include Nexraw, an inventor from the Corex faction deck and Major Felix Grinrod the hero from the Grand Alliance 34th Fleet.

Adam Gilbertson

Adam is our logo and design guru, he is responsable for our logo design and our box design.

Ben Hallifax

Even tho his Surname is Hallifax, Ben actually lives in Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire. UK. Ben is our resident illustrator, and has designed our card frames, he is also responsible for doing the design work on our rule book and Event cards.

Game designer

John Mills

John is the Ulandi Wars game designer. He came up with the concept after writing several short stories based in a fictional universe he had created called Ulandi. When John’s gaming group had ran out of games to play, he thought that he would create a game himself. After several years of play testing he approached the gaming club to play some test games and the Ulandi trading card game was born.

John is also responsable for the writing of the first Ulandi novel, Nordel. A first in what he hope to be a trilogy books set in the Ulandi war universe.


Paul Pike (co-designer), Mickey Marek, Tony May, Gordon Truslove, Aislinn Marek, Jenny Mills, Heather Duckworth, Have all cotributed to the creation of the game by helping in various rolls from editing to play testing.

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