January Update

January Update

Welcome to our January update. Over the last few weeks our resident artist Jo Masson has been busy finishing our character card artwork. He has now completed over 90% of the remaining pieces and we are on schedule to meet our art deadline by the end of January. I think that you will agree that the new artwork that Jo has produced is absolutely fantastic, he has done an amazing job bringing the characters to life and is helping make Ulandi Wars one of the best looking trading card games on the market!

Update for Hero Pledge backers. 

As part of our Hero pledge, we offered a character lore postcard art set. We have been researching the postcard set and discovered that we can upgrade this set to a much better quality background lore art book for the same cost. This will give every hero pledger a much more comprehensive look into Ulandi background lore. We will add additional stories and artwork to the book for the same cost of the postcard set. It really will be something very special.  

Website update

We are doing an update to our website and adding a new web store. Inside our shop you will be able to purchase our core box set, our first expansion’s ‘Deadly missions’ and booster packs. The webshop will be live around Easter, so make sure you check out the Ulandi Wars website for any updates.  

Peel tower games  

Talking of website upgrades, we are also in the process of creating a new Peel Tower Games website. Peel Tower Games is our parent company and overtime we will be adding more and more games to this site. So if you enjoy Ulandi Wars then make sure you like and follow our Peel Tower Games website and Social pages for even more new and exciting board games. 

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