December update

First off, we like to wish all our backers and Ulandi Wars fans a Happy holiday season and a great new year!

We have a small update this month with nothing too major to report. We have been working hard to get all the artwork ready for our prototype game which will be the base game for when we go into mass production. We have been working closely with our manufacturing partner to make sure that our core box set and expansion game will be of the highest quality.
Currently we have completed 90% of all artwork so we should have a digital prototype by the end of the month.

Free upgrades

During our kick-strater campaign we mentioned that we felt our shipping costs were a little too high. This was a mistake on our side and we promised that we would make it up to you all. So what we have decided to do is upgrade everything in the core box set. This includes the upgrades that we didn’t achieve in our stretch goals during the campaign. We are going to improve and upgrade the deck tuck boxes, add a tuck box for the event card deck and increase the box and components quality, basically we are going to upgrade every part of the game so once finished our core box set will be truly amazing!

Kick-Starter Survey

Last month we sent out our kick-starter survey to all backers. If you have not yet already done so, please can you fill in your delivery details so once Ulandi Wars is complete we can post out your chosen pledge. You can fill out the details in the email we sent or alternatively you can logon to your kick-starter account and fill in the survey there.

Missed out on our Kick-Starter?

Then don’t worry, we are offering anyone who missed out on our campaign a chance to back Ulandi Wars. You can choose your pledge level by sending us an email. We will add to your pledge any stretch goals that were achieved in the campaign.

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