We did it! Ulandi Wars is funded!

Well, we did it folks! Ulandi Wars is now officially funded. A huge thank you to everyone that took their time to pledge their support for the project, honestly it means everything to us, You have all been fantastic! 

Now the real hard work begins! We will now be working tirelessly to get the game manufactured and delivered to you fine folks. Make sure you stay tuned to our socials and keep an eye on your emails and kick-starter accounts for any updates on our progress.

Our estimated time line is as follows – 

  • November 2022 – Checking process. Check all artwork and proofreading process. Start work on remaining character artwork and stretch goal artwork. Order prototype sample games. 
  • December 2022 – Continue with checking process, and remaining artwork. 
  • January 2023 – Check prototype games and make changes if required. Place order with manufacture. 
  • February 2023 – Manufacturing process begins.  
  • March 2023 – Manufacturing continues and shipping process begins.    
  • April 2023 – shipping process.
  • May 2023 – Game delivered to Ulandi Wars HQ, quality control checking of the game. Shipping to all backers.  

During this process we will also be creating our living card booster packs and working on new faction decks. We are also planing on upgrading our website and adding a shop section. 

We want every backer to feel part of our Ulandi family, if you have any questions please feel free to contact us via our email at Ulandiwars@protonmail.com 

Peace and love. The Ulandi Wars Team.

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