Kick-Starter update!

Campaign update

Thank you so much for backing Ulandi Wars! Three days into our campaign and we have already funded 38% of our goal! Thank you so much for your support, it means a huge amount to the Ulandi Wars team.

Stretch goals unlocked!

Our funding goal means we have already unlocked 2 x kick-starter only stretch goals,  Azarel, a master inventor card for the Grand Alliance deck and Rexin the cursed an limited edition inventor card for the Savage sons faction deck.  We are now only £38.00 away from reaching our £1000.00 stretch goal, which is another kick-starter only bonus card set. The Brothers Ator are two additional infrastructure cards that can be used in any faction deck.

We can do this!

Thank you so much for your support but we still have a long way to go. We need to fund another 62% to complete our project and we need your help to do it! If you know anyone who may be interested in backing our campaign then make sure you give them a nudge and a poke and tell them all about the greatest deck building game in the universe! Share and comment on our social media posts and spread the word within your gaming community! We have 26 days to fund Ulandi Wars and I am sure with everyone help we can do it!

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