Spring 2022 Update

The winter nights are finally coming to an end and we can almost smell the grass cuttings, this must mean only one thing, it’s time for our spring update! So what have we been upto since our last news blog? Well after almost two years of play testing, we can finally say that Ulandi wars is ready! Over the last few months we have been perfecting the game, making sure all the cards work, checking that all the spelling is correct and making sure all dice always roll sixes! It’s been a hard process, but an enjoyable one. If you have read any of our news blogs before, you will know that this is our first attempt at launching a kick-starter as well as our first ever attempt at designing a game. The whole procedure has been a really interesting learning curve to what it actually takes to design and launch any new product. I think we underestimated how much work these larger gaming companies put into producing such high quality games.

We have spent nearly 4 years designing and play testing Ulandi Wars and feel that our adventure into the gaming world has only just begun. We are very excited to take the next steps and move forward into launching our kick-starter campaign and getting our game manufactured.

Early this year we announced that our kick – starter campaign will be launched in summer 2022, hopefully if everything goes to plan will be able to stick to this date. (We are Aiming for August / September) September is still summer…right? Over the next few months we will be completing the box design, finishing off the rule book layout and adding the finishing touches to our main battle card design. We have already got a manufacturer waiting in the sidelines for our campaign to start and we just need to finish off the remaining 20 card character artwork. 

As someone who has backed hundreds of kick-starters campaigns in the past, I know how frustrating it can be waiting for a project to be completed. This is why we have put in a  lot of effort to try and get the game to as near completion as possible so that our kick-starter backers will not have to wait long for their completed game. Our plan, once we have achieved our goal, is to get the game out to pledger within 6 months. We realised that this may be ambitious considering the turmoil the world is in at the moment and that shipping lanes and shipping cost from China have escalated dramatically over the last 6 months but its a target that we are going to try and aim for. 

Up and coming Comic cons! 

On Sunday the 13th of March we did our first Sci-fi and Comic fair over in our neighbouring town of Bolton. We handed out flyers and chatted to show goers all day. We got some incredible feedback from everyone that saw the game which made us even more enthusiastic about getting the game finished! In fact we enjoyed the Comic con so much we have booked some more! 

You can come and see our prototype game, view pictures and artwork from the Ulandi universe as well as meet John the game designer at the following events – 

3rd – 5th – June UK Board Game expo, Birmingham NEC 

3rd July –  Preston Sci-fi fest

11th September – Altringham Comic con 

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