We have an exciting annocment to make! Our core boxset has just got bigger!

Instead of 2 x battle decks, our core box set will now include…Drum roll please!… FOUR BATTLE DECKS!

This means our kick-Starter pledge will be even better value, with a larger more action packed core boxset. Instead of the original plan of two battle card decks, we have decided to change it to include four battle card decks! Not only does this give players a greater choice of decks when playing, but it also means that now the core boxset can be played with up to 4 players (as well as team games).

Our kick – starter core boxset will now include 200 playing cards!

There will be four main battle card decks

1 x Grand Alliance 34th Fleet faction deck
1 x Tenbore Institute faction deck
1 x Savage sons, Corex faction deck
1 x Hacker Sect, Corex faction deck

Each 40 card deck will be beautifully illusrated with amazing artwork from our resident artist Jo Masson. The boxset will also include

1 x Event card deck
6 x Dice
4 x Wound trackers
1 x Full colour rule book

Thats 200 cards!

If you click the mulitverse link on the Ulandi wars website, you will find a faction history for the four battle decks which will be included. The blog tells the story of how the Grand Alliance was formed and what makes the Corex tick. It also has a few helpful hints about how to play each deck, its well worth a read for any future general.

When can I get my copy of Ulandi wars?

This is a question we have been asked a few times over the last few months, we are hoping to launch the game on kick – starter next year (2022). If everything goes to plan we are going to launch around Easter (April). This means the game should be ready to ship to customer Autumn 2022.

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