Autumn update…

Or fall for our American friends. Firstly an apology for the lack of social media posts and news articles on the website. I would like to tell you that this is because of some amazing and spectacular things that have happened to me over the last few months. Sadly the truth is nowhere near as exciting. Unfortunately real life has got in the way of me working on the project. As any married person will tell you, ‘Time is limited and you have to organise that time to perfection or nothing gets done!’ My time is no exception to this rule. Working full time, and being a father of two girls means I am stretched at best. Add to this school holidays, family holidays, work, other hobbies and various other challenges that life can throw at you now means that I am a little behind on where I wanted to be on the project. 

That being said I never gave myself a deadline, only a wish list of where I would like to be at this stage. However this delay may be a blessing in disguise as I found out when we visited the UK board gaming expo. I had already worked out a budget for Ulandi Wars and things were all starting to come together nicely, unfortunately I had not taken into account the 500% increase in shipping costs from China. This increase is something that has been felt all across the industry and has massively affected many kick-starter campaigns. Luckily we are not at that stage yet so have been spared the huge heartache of going back to pledgers and asking them for extra money to cover unexpected shipping costs. 

As already mentioned we are behind on the design process of the game, we were hoping to launch by the end of 2021 but I think with the situation in China and the design delay (which I can only blame myself for) now means it will be sometime in 2022 when we are ready to start our kick-started campaign. Hopefully this delay may benefit the game as the shipping cost may have dropped by next year. 

All change?

If you have been following our blog posts and reading our social media posts, you may be thinking ‘Why has game design slowed? I thought the game was ready?’ Well the answer to that question is another simple one. Yes the game was ready, however we were not 100% happy with the gaming mechanics, only 99% and that in our world simply was not good enough. We want it to be 100% perfect so we went back to the drawing board and redesigned the game play making it even better and more fun than it was before! 

We have tweaked a few things, changed some cards, changed the way weapons cards work, changed the event cards and added even more cards to the game! All these changes means that the game is now slicker, smoother and bigger than it was before. It also means that we are going to have to change the contents of the core box set. Instead of it only containing two decks it will now…drum roll please content four! This is very exciting because not only does it mean you can now play with four players straight from the box set, but it also gives players much more choice and value. We will be revealing more in our next blog post, so make sure you stay tuned…Talking of staying tuned..

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And finally…

Jo Masson our resident artist, has just finished another set of amazing artwork which we will be unveiling over the next few weeks. Make sure you stay tuned to our socials so you don’t miss out.

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