Spring 2021 update

We can now announce that we are on track to launch Ulandi wars on kickstarter towards the end of 2021. At the moment we are just finishing the rules and getting them ready to go to art. The rule book will be beautifully illustrated and will follow the theme of the main Ulaindi wars playing cards. Like always we are going to try our best to make Ulandi wars the best expandable card game we can, and the rule book will be no expansion to our ethos. It will take some time to get it perfect, but the wait will be worth it. The rule book will be around 25 pages, easy to read and understand and will be printed in full colour with illustration throughout. We will also be adding a ‘how to play’ video to our YouTube channel, there will be a QR code printed on the front page of the rule book. If you’re the type of player who would rather watch a video, it will only be one scan away! We hoping that the rule book will be completed towards the end of the summer. 

Event cards

We have now finished the event cards frames and completed the artwork. In a similar process to our main playing cards, we are now getting prototype sets made up so we can do more play testing with ‘real’ cards. Hopefully the event card will arrive in the next four weeks. Once they have arrived we will then look into making our ‘how to play video’ and launching our YouTube channel. 


If you miss the news about our new short story ‘The Casidan’ then here is a quick reminder. Go to the Ulandi Wars website and click the ‘Multiverse’ link. There, you will find a new short story set in the Ulandi universe. Also on this page you will find a link to the first chapter of our novel ‘Nordel.’ Trust us when we say they are both worth a read! 

Talking of Nordel, John has just finished chapter 6 of the book. Nordel is going to be what we hope will be a three part novel set in the Ulandi galaxy. John started writing the book in December 2020 and so far has already written 28,000 words! We are hugely excited about this project and can’t wait for it to be finished. Make sure you check out chapter 1 on the website.

Character Artwork

As always our resident artist Jo Masson has been creating more stunning artwork for the main battle cards. We have already published the new Stellascope fighter card and the Vanguard Alpha squad artwork on our facebook page. Make sure you stay connected with all our updates by following Ulandi was on our social media pages.

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