February update

We’ve really hit the ground running this year, it’s only February and we have already moved another step closer to making the dream a reality.

Yesterday we ordered a complete set of prototype Corex playing cards! These will be arriving from the manufacturer in the USA in about 4 weeks. We’re super excited about getting our hands on a set of prototype cards. Not only will they allow us to inspect the quality of the finished product but they will also help us with play testing and promotions for the game. The estimated arrival date will be 3rd March, and we cannot wait! 

Not only have we ordered the prototype cards this month (and it’s only the 5th February!) We have also added another page to our website. The page is called the ‘multiverse’ and it is a section of the website where fans can read all about character background and lore. Read short stories based in the Ulandi galaxy and even view art created by our resident artist Jo Masson. We have only just created this page but there are already two short stories to read and some awesome art to view. Make sure you check it out!

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