Evolution of a playing card

Using the word ‘evolution’ feels a bit strong considering Ulandi Wars is only 12 months old! But to us it does feel like a huge step to forward. When I first came up with the concept for the game, I was unsure on how far it would go. I already had a busy life with a full time job, wife, two kids and various other hobbies that take up most of my time. In my heart I wanted to design and create the Ulandi universe but I felt that I would never have time to do it and it would always be a dream.

Fast forward 12 months and we now have fully completed playing cards! card art, a website and social media accounts! The dream is slowly starting to become real!

I called this blog post evolution of the playing cards because on Monday the 18th January 2021 we revealed to the world the finished designed. It feels a huge step from were we started.

Hand draw concept of how we wanted the card to look.
Test card made with Microsoft Excel and glued to the back of a normal playing card.
First attempt of making a digital card.
Second design
And finally the fiinished card design.

As you can see the card really did evolve from its early design. Our next job is to start designing the Event cards, watch this space…..

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