2020 End of year update

Welcome to our 2020 year end review, if you have been following Ulandi wars since the very start, you will know that we are only at the start of our journey. Unlike other games that are launched on kick starter we have started our campaign a little differently. Most games only create websites and social media pages once they have actually started their kick starter campaign. We however wanted to get ahead of the pack by creating web content before we have even launched the game! We wanted to do this so fans could follow the complete design process from start to finish. We wanted to include the fans by getting their opinions on our designs and asking them which designs they preferred. We did this with our main playing card design, we had two different card designs one used words, the other symbols. After a Facebook and website poll it was decided that the symbol card was the preferred option. 

As everyone knows 2020 has been a trying year but we have still made good progress. We launched our website at the start of the year and began to add content and posts in February, this helped build up our fan base. In Easter we commissioned our residence artist Jo Masson. Jo started producing our character artwork and by summer we had our first finished characters which we showcased at Ulandiwars.com. Also during the summer, Ben Halifax our resident graphic designer was working on the main playing card frame work which should be fully finished and ready to showcase in January 2021. During the height of the pandemic John was finalizing the rules and play testing the game. The Covid 19 restrictions mady play testing almost impossible but with help from an online zoom meeting he managed to complete the task.John has also started on a Ulandi Wars novel. Nordel tells the story of an epic battle between the Grand Alliance and the Corex (The 2 factions included in our corebox set). The novel will be huge, and we can’t wait to let the fans read it. 

We are now officially at the end our first year and we are happy with the progress made so far. At the time of going to press we have 12 fully completed character artworks. A set of tried and tested game rules. Completed card frames, a fully engaged social media network (It may only have 210 followers, but from small acorns…) a website, Oh and the first five chapters of a novel! 

Moving forward 2021 will be an exciting year, by the end of January we hope to have the main playing cards finished, Easter will be our deadline for finishing the Event cards. The next stage will then be to design the rule book and corebox layout. By the end of the year we may be ready to launch our kick starter ready for 2022 (may sooner if all goes to plan) We realise this may seem a long way off but creating a complete universe is a long process! Make sure you sign up to our forum, like and subscribe to all our social media platforms and follow us on the website, that way you can tell your friends that you were there from the very beginning!

Here is everyone having a great 2021 – Ulandi wars team.

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