September Update

We have an exciting card art update for you all, our resident artist Jo Masson is in the final stages of finishing the first 12 character art work for our playing cards, during the month of September we will be showcasing all 12 pieces. We are really excited to show them off, the artwork that Jo has been doing is nothing short of breathtaking, and they will make the Ulandi wars gaming cards look incredible! 

The main rule book is now complete, the next stage will be to send it to an editor for everything to be checked, We will then continue with our play testing and making sure that all the rules fit and the gameplay is smooth. Once that is completed it will be onto the illustration stage. The rulebook is going to look absolutely fantastic! Not only will it be printed in full colour but it will also be fully illustrated. It will come in a A5 format in the core box set, but will also be available to download from the our website. It will also be available in Spanish. (we may add other versions at a later date) 

Speaking of gaming rules, once we have our prototype game made we are going to create a series of how to play videos, these will be detailed videos of how to play the game, we will also include in this series full gameplay and tactic videos, so make sure you subscribe to our youtube channel.(coming soon)   

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