June 2020 Update

Despite the world pandemic, we have been very busy here at Ulandi wars HQ. Ben and Jo have been working hard on card frame work, card background art and event card design. John has been adding the final touches to the rules and has been test playing the game with his 9 year old daughter. (Who incidentally loves playing the game!)

We have added a forum to our website in hope to build up an online community. We will post in the forum updates on the game design process, and when our kick-starter campaign will be launched. It will also be a great place for players to chat, show off their deck designs and even organised play. We will add a FAQ on the forum and will be at hand to answer any question and rules query that player may have. Once the forum is active be sure to sign up or you’ll miss out!

Later this month we will post up new art work from both Jo and Ben so make sure you keep up to date by following us on our social media pages.

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